Frequently Asked Questions

    Plansform is a professional platform for Architecture Professionals and Students. It is an online community focussed on the Architecture & Design fraternity and to help them succeed and grow in their profession. We would like to see Indian Architecture Professionals succeed in the world stage.

    Plansform is set out on this journey with one positive intent - to take the Indian Architecture & Design profession forward. This, as you know, can only happen if all the Architecture Professionals collectively participate and lend a helping hand. With all your support and active participation, we are confident that we can make Indian Architecture great again!

    An online community cuts across barriers to enable foster such collaboration and a sense of belonging for all Architecture & Design professionals.

    Plansform aims to give Architecture and Design professionals visibility, recognition and opportunities to succeed. Plansform is essentially 'your' community. It provides easy access to projects, talent, knowledge, products/services, tools & technologies to Architecture & Design professionals.

    Like we always say, we give Plansform its heartbeat. You, by your active participation, will give Plansform its personality.

    You are free to explore and see certain features and functionalities of Plansform without registering too. However, to get the best experience and to unlock certain key features of Plansform, you need to register. What's more, the registration is simple and is completely free!

    You are known by the work you do! Gone are the days when people protected their creations and were insecure about showing it to their peers or potential clients. In today's day and age, people have to see it to believe it! What better way for you to build your reputation than by showcasing your best work, the design process and the stories behind them? Let your projects do the talking for you!

    Good projects showcased well are good eyeball catchers, interest generators and conversation starters. Today, potential clients are keen to know 'What have you done' more than just 'Who you are'.

    As Architecture professionals, you are at the heart of what Plansform is. Here's how you can derive value from Plansform

    - Create a complete and comprehensive professional profile
    - Upload your work
    - show the stuff that you want the world to see & know about your projects.
    - Participate in discussions
    - Ask questions,share ideas and engage in meaningful discussions
    - Build your network - Connect & Follow other interesting professionals
    - Build your reputation score
    - This is probably the most important aspect of Plansform. Every time you interact, use, contribute and participate on Plansform, the intelligent score engine automatically assigns weights and scores for all your actions. All these add up to build your reputation score. We are not only looking at getting influential Architects on Plansform, we want to create new Influencers by virtue of their contribution and participation on the platform.

    We welcome Architecture students on Plansform as they will eventually create value and reap the benefits of Plansform in the coming years. Plansform aims to encourage the interaction and collaboration between Academecia and the Professionals. As students, now is a good time for you to start getting noticed by the seniors in the community. Here's how you can go about it

    - Create your complete profile
    - Upload your academic projects. Show what you are made of!
    - show the stuff that you want the world to see & know about your projects.
    - Actively participate in discussions
    - View, like and share projects of other professionals and students on Planform that strikes a chord with you.
    - Apply for job and internship opportunities
    - Read and write articles - Express your viewpoint or deep dive on a topic that fascinates you
    - Get your friends to signup on Planform. Strong communities are built this way.

    Remember, the more you give, the more you get!

    Eventually, yes! But, for that to happen, you need to invest a small amount of your time and effort in creating a good online presence on Plansform that gives a clear account of you, your firm and your projects.

    Also, you can build/enhance your reputation in your community by being an active participant on the platform. How willing are you to help your peers with tips & feedback, can you take time to genuinely appreciate the good work people are doing, can you initiate/participate in engaging and useful discussions? All these help in building your 'Reputation score' on Plansform

    Of course! We understand that although you are keen to be part of Plansform and get noticed, work deadlines can sometimes (always!) get the better of us. Drop us a mail at with your name, phone number and a preferred time to call and we'll get in touch with you. We have a team of Architects and Designers who can create beautiful catalogs of your projects that can be proudly showcased on Plansform

    The copyright of all the content that you put up on Plansform belongs to YOU. Plansform is just the vehicle to showcase & communicate.

    Yes. Here's how to do it.

    You will first have to create your account (as a person) and if you are an Architect or Interior Designer, you will see a link in the top right hand menu under your account, to create your firm's page. You can add other members to the firm and assign roles (Owner/Admin/Member) as applicable. Note that you can only add members if they are already registered on Plansform. If not, please invite them to signup on Plansform. You can also add projects that your firm has undertaken so that people get to see the range of work that your firm does/has done in the past.

    At present, no. We are currently only allowing Architects and Interior Designers to create their Firm pages. We will soon be rolling out this feature for all other allied professionals like structural engineers, landscape consultants, Estimation engineers etc. Currently, you can create 'your' professional profile(as an individual) and participate & engage on Plansform.

    No. You will NOT be able to signup or login as a firm. You will have to signup as an individual and can then create and manage your Firm's page on Plansform.

    Plansform provides a very powerful and intelligent search engine. You have the search bar on every page on Plansform. Just enter your search term and you will see the results of Projects, People, Articles and Jobs that have used or tagged their content using your search term. The search feature will also auto-suggest the terms for you so that you can search more efficiently. We are in the process of building more intelligence to the search feature in Plansform and over time it will evolve into an intuitive and smart search engine

    No. Signing up on Plansform is completely free.

    Yes. Actually, you can! Here's how it works. Plansform is aiming to simplify the process of discovering, learning about and reaching out to Architects, Interior Designers and other professionals. You can browse through the various projects done by the archtiects and understand their design philosophy and get some insights on the projects previously designed and executed by them. You can reachout to the Architect by establishing an initial contact via the Contact option in the Archtiect's profile and take the discussion forward from there.

    The personal details such as Email id, phone number, mobile number and date of birth are not made visible to everyone. However, people can contact you via Plansform and we'll send you an email to your registered email id. That way, we protect you from being spammed and also have a trail of the people who are trying to contact you.

    From your profile page. After you signup and update your profile, you are shown a button to 'Create your project'. Here are some guidelines to help showcase your better:
    * The objective of showcasing your project is highlight the evolution of the idea into the final design and output.
    * Upload a bright and attractive cover photo for your project. This is the first thing that anyone will notice. It should be interesting enough to encourage them to want to see more.
    * Give an appropriate Title and a brief description of your project.
    * Explain the design concept in as much detail as you can.
    * Start uploading images, text blocks and links to youtube videos of the project as needed. Start off with the concept sketch and show the plan drawings, sections, elevations, renders and/or actual photographs
    * Add other project information such as design year, execution year, project location & status
    * You can also add other members who were part of the project. Once added, this project will also show up in their profiles on Plansform. However, only you (the creator of this project on Plansform) will have the ability to edit/modify the contents of this project